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Internet Casino 2015-08-18

Thanks to the World Wide Web, playing a good game of poker no longer requires you to fly all the way to Vegas or Atlantic City or even wait for the weekend when you can get together with your friends and play. These days you can just go online and enjoy the game! The same with all the games you can think of – online casinos offer you all types of gambling fun from simple slots to table games to betting on all kinds of sports and even financial events. And long gone are the times when gambling online actually meant you would inevitably lose your money – these days online casinos are just as safe as the biggest venues on The Strip.

This little article here will give you an overview of the current condition of online gambling industry as well as dwell on certain peculiarities of Internet casinos that every player – amateur or experienced – should know. We don’t mean to say that a quick look through this short text will turn you into a pro gambler straight on the spot but it’s still a good thing to begin with. Hope you will find it useful and also enjoy reading it!

Things you need to know about online casinos

The very first thing that you need to know about Internet-based gambling venues is simple: they are as safe to play in as regular land-based casinos. Well, at least, most of them are. The fear that most people considering trying to play online is totally irrational – for instance, bigger Internet casinos are monitored by so many authorities they just can’t afford to cheat. Additionally, the gambling software that is used in most online casinos is produced by only a few companies and is virtually impossible to alter. In other words, changing it so it gives the house an advantage over the player would involve getting help from its developers and it’s simply impossible to convince them into doing so. These days the chances of winning big in an online casino are as high as those in any major casino in Monte Carlo, The Strip or anywhere else in the world.

Okay, now that you’re calm and ready to go and play, let us bring you back down – Internet casinos that cheat their players do exist. Those are usually tiny or one-day online gambling venues that you’re not likely to run into in Google search top but… Sometimes they run pretty successful marketing campaigns and do manage to strip quite a few people off before they are banned. What can you do to avoid those? Well, the answer is simple again – that’s exactly what various online casino directories and whitelists are made for! Built by simple gamblers and market researches, these directories help you to tell reliable casinos from cheaters in virtually just a couple of clicks. Thus, if you’re wondering if the casino you’re about to start playing in is good enough, just look for it at any of those sites. If it is blacklisted by at least one or two, run for your life.

If you want to bet and win real money, you will need to get registered in the online casino of your choice. We strongly advise you to take the process of signing up as seriously as possible – always state your real name and address when getting registered and don’t even think about playing if you’re underage. Well, at least, sign up under your parent’s or older relative’s or acquaintance’s name. Why? Well, the reason is simple – when you win and want to withdraw your winnings, most online casinos will ask you to present a scanned image of your ID and some document that proves that you stated your address right (your registration documents). It’s used for keeping underage players out of the game and, to be honest, to save the casinos some money when they find out some of their winners didn’t have the right to gamble in the first place.

What you just have to know about online casinos before you start betting is the fact that many of them give you the opportunity to earn some real money without spending a single dime of yours! How come? The point is that lots of Internet-based gambling rooms give you free chips when you get registered in them. The battle between the competitors in the industry is more than just real, so it’s a common practice to give 10 or 15 bucks to everyone who has just joined the game. That probably won’t be enough for you to play poker or any other table game (unless you’re playing micro-limit) but you can certainly try your luck in slots with this kind of money and, who knows, maybe you’ll walk away a million or two richer.

Additionally, many online casinos, just like land-based ones, will offer you a few free chips every time you top up your account or place a bet. There won’t be many – typically, from 0.1% to 1% of your wager but… For some it is enough to make such thing as comp hustling possible. For instance, you bet $5,000 in your account, get $100 for free, lose $25 (taking the average odds for blackjack, for instance) and… Bingo! You’re free to cash out your newly acquired $5,075. We know, this is not the kind of earning to care about, especially when you’ve got some spare $5,000 – but it explains the possibility pretty clearly, we hope.

And one little thing to finish this part of our article up. You probably know that already but… This is something so awesome that we feel we just have to talk about it in at least a couple of lines. What makes online casinos so great is the fact that you’re virtually unlimited in your choice of games to play. There are all kinds of table games, there are more slots than you can think of, there is even an opportunity to bet on sports or financial trends and so and so on. Even if you’re into some freakishly rare card game that is only played in some tiny little casino in the middle of nowhere, we’re pretty sure you will find this game on at least a few Internet-based gambling sites.

How much can you win and what do you do when you win?

The bad news is that ALL gambling games in the casinos are designed in order to give the casino an edge over the player – that’s exactly what makes gambling houses such profitable businesses. But how do people win at all then? Well, it’s all thanks to good gaming strategies and pure luck too. We won’t dwell on the strategies too much in this article as it is a good theme for a whole serious of different manuals – one per each casino game. Basically, it all comes down to raising the bet only when you are sure you’ve got really high chances to win. As easy as it may sound, this rule is often fairly difficult to follow even for experienced gamblers – all ‘thanks’ to the risky behavior patterns so typical of humans today. Most people enjoy risk and allow it to blind them luring them into believing this or that gambling situation is in their favor even though it is not. That’s why it is important to keep calm every single time you sit down to play – a cool head is the only thing you need to follow the strategy and go away from the table with your pockets full of money.

Of course, you’re more likely to win in some gambling games than in the others. There are two conventionally accepted measurements that allow one to calculate, which games are the least and the most ‘dangerous’ for the pockets of a gambler. The first of them is ‘house edge’, which stands for the ratio of the average loss to the initial bet. Note that it’s always ‘loss’ for all games, which means that if you never raise your bets and follow the most conservative strategies out there, you will still lose. It’s by raising bets in favorable conditions that people manage to win some money. The house edge varies from 0.3% for blackjack to 25% for Keno. The list of games where you are less likely to lose a big portion of you money includes blackjack, Australian pontoon games, Catch a Wave and video poker (Jacks or Better). On the contrary, slots, Keno and Bonus Six are the games where the odds are less in your favor.

The second measurement, which is actually pretty much based on the first one is the ‘element of risk’, which stands for the percentage of the TOTAL bet you should expect to lose when playing the most conservative strategy in a game. This showing, in its turn, varies from 0.35-0.4% for blackjack to the same 25% in Keno as in the latter game your total bet is always equal to the initial bet.

So, let’s assume you took this knowledge with you to the casino and won some good money – now how do you cash out? It’s fairly easy, in fact – you just need to find the corresponding section of the online casino you’re playing at and click on the ‘Cash out’ or ‘Withdraw funds’ button. However, be ready to present a scanned image of your ID and registration documents/utility bill – without these you might not be allowed to collect your winnings.

In most cases the casinos would offer you a few payout options – sending money into your e-wallet in PayPal, NETeller, Skrill and the like, depositing funds to your debit card or sending you a check or a wire transfer. Visa and MasterCard credit cards are usually not accepted for payout by online casinos due to restrictions on the receipt of gambling profits – and you can’t even use your Visa credit card when you want to cash in. Of course, there are a few exceptions from this rule but, in general, this is what you should expect to see in the majority of Internet-based casinos.

Another important thing you should keep in mind is that most online casinos will charge a withdrawal fee for small cash outs – usually under $100 or under $250 for different casinos. If you’re withdrawing a larger sum of money, that’s no problem – you will get the whole of it deposited into your account and the casino is even likely to pay the transfer fees itself. Hail the big players! :)


So, this is our little overview of online casinos as an industry – hope you will find it useful. Also, expect more gambling-related articles to be released in the nearest future as we can’t wait to share the aggregated knowledge of our fellow players with the world. Keep an eye on this site and we will teach you a few useful strategies as well as give you a full list of reliable and not-really-safe casinos. Have a great day and let’s keep in touch!

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