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    Internet has given us a lot of great things and we bet that every person who gambles every now and then will agree that it didn’t leave us, casino goers, without our share of fun.
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Internet has given us a lot of great things and we bet that every person who gambles every now and then will agree that it didn’t leave us, casino goers, without our share of fun. These days you don’t have to fly off to Vegas when you want to spin the wheel or play some blackjack. Hell, you don’t even have to bother about going to your neighbor’s for a game of poker. Everything that you need to do is switch your computer (or, more recently, any mobile device) on and, boom, Vegas comes to you! There are literally zillions of different online casinos on the Web and the exciting part is that LOTS of them are really worth visiting! In this little article of ours we will provide a brief overview of the whole Internet gaming industry and try to give you all the information you might need as a beginning online player. Hope you will find this useful!

Online casinos are as safe as brick-and-mortar ones

First of all, you shouldn’t be afraid of online casinos as a whole. The times when Internet gambling was like Wild Wild West and when the owners of first casinos were cheating their players and taking off with their money in an unknown direction are long gone now. These days gambling online might even be a better idea than playing in a casino! Of course, you should be on the lookout when choosing a casino to play in too and follow a few simple rules we will talk about a tad bit later but… All in all, there’s not much to be afraid of anymore.

The Internet’s biggest gambling houses are as fair as Vegas’s most respected venues – you definitely shouldn’t expect to be cheated there. However, you’re supposed to play fair too – first of all, when you’re getting registered there. See, most online casinos will run a security check upon your first withdrawal of money. That means you will have to provide a scanned image of your ID to prove you have reached the legal age and even send in a scanned image of your utility bill or similar document to prove you stated your address correctly upon registration. Thus, don’t even think about signing up under someone else’s name or stating incorrect information if you have a serious intention to win – this may result in the suspension of your account and cancellation of all your winnings.

So, as per the rules you need to follow to make sure the casino you’re playing in is safe… The first one is actually pretty obvious – always go with the big brands. The casinos that have been online for a few years and have a decent reputation are always safe. In fact, good history and the lack of bad customer reviews are two main factors that we took into account when building our catalogue of Internet casinos – the ones that we have listed as safe are all pretty old and very reliable.

Secondly, we advise you to look for license information on the casino’s website. Good safe casinos are always licensed under the legislation of UK, Gibraltar, The Isle of Man, Malta, Costa Rica, Netherland Antilles, Curacao or Antigua. Europe-based casinos are also reliable. Playing in casinos based in other countries is even more of a gamble – your chances of running into a cheating one are way higher there.

Additionally, it is your location that matters a lot. Unfortunately, if you are located in the States and are a US citizen, you’re more vulnerable because far not all big online casinos will take you as a customer. Players from Europe are more on the safe side because the laws in their home countries protect their rights. Hence, if you’re from Europe and you’re playing in a big European Internet casino, you can be 100% sure you’re not getting cheated.

Okay, since we’re talking about cheating anyway, we’d like to say a couple of words about the use of gambling robots. It’s not a secret that a lot of players use those – especially in poker where it’s very important to read the strategies of other players and keep them all in mind, which is incredibly challenging for the mind of an average human. The casinos expressly forbid the use of any data mining software on their sites but they can hardly control it anyway, so… You might as well consider using one too. See, it might not seem honest from the first sight but think about finding yourself at the table with a few opponents, some of whom are computer-operated. Now you have changed your mind, haven’t you? Anyway, we do not suggest that you go and get yourself a poker bot right now – the bots are still not developed enough to deal with bluffing and other behavioral patterns typical only of humans, so letting them do your gambling job doesn’t guarantee a win, hell no.

What games can I play in an online casino?

Now that’s something that will definitely impress you. The good thing about Internet casinos is that they are not limited in terms of gambling hall area, which means they can run however many “tables” and slot machines they like. Besides, programming a new virtual slot machine always costs less than buying a few real ones for your casino, so… Online casinos are never reluctant to add new games to their selection, that is without a doubt.

Thus, don’t expect to be limited to the standard selection of roulette, poker, craps, blackjack, baccarat and a few slots. You will literally get dozens of different games to choose from and, if you’re playing in one of the leading Internet casinos, there will probably even be hundreds of them. How does that sound? Hell, online casinos will even offer you some exotic gambles that not too many people know about!

In fact, you don’t have to be a gambler to become a customer of an online casino. At some of them you’re offered to bet on sports or even on financials! How does that sound? It’s like you’re offered to choose where to go – Vegas or Wall Street and it’s only you who decides what you’re better at! You feel you can predict the fluctuations of currency rates better than you can predict the roulette? Man, you’ve got a point! Yet still it doesn’t mean that you need to avoid the casinos, you see?

By the way, just in case you’re a slot machine type of guy. The fact that a machine is virtual doesn’t mean that it’s more inclined to cheat you than the good old one-armed bandit. You will probably be surprised to hear that quite a few companies that produce slot machines are also involved in the production of slot machine software for Internet-based gambling venues. See, we meant it when we said that playing online is becoming more and more like playing in a real casino somewhere on The Strip.

And the last – though definitely not the least. Bingo! Online casinos will make you treat this game differently, that’s for sure. It might be perceived as a slightly boring gamble for senior people but… Hell, when there ae millions on stake, no gamble is boring! We really mean it – bingo games with multi-million jackpots are anything but nonsense these days – even the largest casinos like William Hill regularly have those.

How much can I win?

The answer to this question is very likely to make your jaw drop all the way down to the floor too. Frankly, with online casinos becoming increasingly popular, it’s no surprise that their jackpots are skyrocketing too. A few years ago a lucky Norwegian dude named Peter took $38 million home without actually leaving his home. Hell, he was probably sitting in front of the computer in his PJs and sipping on some coffee or beer when he hit the jackpot. Now just think about it – it could have as well been you, who knows!

Of course, that enormous jackpot doesn’t mean that a dude choosing to gamble online walks away with a trolley of cash behind him every other day. That’s more of a once-in-a-lifetime example, of course. Nevertheless, multi-million winnings are anything but unusual in online casinos these days. Just check out the news if you want to – there are stories of $1-10 million Internet winnings told almost every month or even more often! Thus, you can still say your odds are pretty high when you gamble online as opposed to playing poker with your friends or watching the wheel spin in that local little casino in your town.

Here’s also something that we feel we just have to warn you about though. In most of the countries casino winnings are taxable – and online winnings are no exception. Most slot machine winnings (those over $1,200, at least) will be handed over to you with the tax already withheld. As for the table games, you are on the honor system to report your income from gambling, so, if you get lucky and win big, don’t forget about it when you go filing your taxes next time. We really recommend that you do it rather than get sued for tax evasion. Sure, we’re mostly talking about the US here – check with your country’s guidelines on casino winnings and, more importantly, online winnings – maybe you will be blessed with the opportunity to leave all that money to yourself.

On the other hand, contrary to popular belief, casino losses are not a reason for tax deduction. Sure, we hope you won’t have to deal with those but it’s definitely better to be safe than sorry.

Free welcome deposits, comps and other perks of playing online

We all like free stuff and the awesome thing about online casinos is that you will be getting lots of freebies when playing in them. There are so many Internet-based gambling venues these days and the competition is so fierce that most casinos are willing to literally give out free cash in an attempt to attract new players. That doesn’t mean you can simply cash it out immediately after getting registered there and finish your day with a little free cabbage though – you will still have to wager this free welcome deposit. However, that’s still a nice thing to start with. You can bet without spending any real money and, who knows, maybe those $10 or $20 you will get after signing up will be enough for you to hit that jackpot. After all, this is what happened to the biggest casino winning in history – a dude managed to turn just $50 into dozens of millions, no BS.

Here’s a little hint for you, by the way. Why settle for some Internet casino right away if there are so many of them giving away free money? You can totally spend some time surfing around and using up the welcome bonuses in a few different casinos – maybe even in a few dozen different casinos, if you please! That increases your chances of making some money without spending any significantly!

Additionally, the majority of online casinos will offer you comps in exchange for your wagers. In most of the cases it will be equal to anything between 0.1% and 1% of your wager and in some cases it might even reach as high as 2% for slot players. We know it probably doesn’t look that impressing at first sight but, believe us, comps can make you a whole lot of money in the long run, so don’t forget to take them into account when choosing your casino.

What is also very cool about online casinos is the fact that you often get a lot of extra chips with each of your deposits. Apparently, the peeps in online casinos are so tired of welcome bonus hustlers that they gladly give you their all when they see some real cash. These deposit bonuses are something you can use for your advantage too.

And don’t forget about the referral bonuses too! Again, online casinos are so hungry for fresh meat that they will gladly give you bonuses for every new player you refer to them. And referring is one hell of an easy job – just paste your referral URL into your signature at some forum you’re using or post it on Facebook and… Bingo! You will either get some free chips when the new players you brought in to the table sign up to the casino or, even better, you will get your payouts repeatedly, every time your referees make their deposits. Now that’s definitely something you would never see in a brick-and-mortar casino.


So, this is it, we guess. Of course, this little article won’t make you a perfect online gambler right on the spot but… Hopefully, you will find the information provided in it valuable and use it to understand the whole online gambling scene a little bit better. Now that you know a lot more about Internet casinos than when you first came here… Ain’t it the time to play?! Good luck and don’t forget about us when you cash out your first gazillion! ;)


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