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About Us

What you will find on this site is a pretty extensive online casino directory made in an attempt to cover all noteworthy Internet-based gambling venues of the world. Creating it and keeping it up to date was not an easy job but we really had a lot of fun doing it – mostly because we’re really into online gambling ourselves and don’t want other gamblers to repeat the mistakes we have made. Here on this site you will find the information about the majority of world’s online casinos – neatly organized into a few lists with some brief facts about each gambling place. This will help you navigate the ocean of online gambling more safely as from now on you will know, which casinos are fair and which should better be avoided. There is no real commercial reason behind this site, which we like to call the yellow pages of online gambling – we just thought the insights we will share here are pretty valuable, so why keep them to ourselves? The world deserves to know the truth! :)

Read on and you will know how exactly to use this list, how it can help you to turn the odds in your favor and how it can protect you from getting scammed. Whether you play online regularly or simply consider trying it sometime in the nearest future, we bet you will like what we’ve got to offer to you on our little site. Have fun!

Our online casino listing helps you find the best Internet-based gambling venues

Indeed it does – and if you think you can do well without it, just go on Google and try to pick a decent online casino from organic search results. Boy that’s gonna be a hard task. See, there are literally thousands of online casinos working now and the competition is so high you can never rely on search engines. You will find yourself choosing among at least a few dozen casinos from the first few search pages and, believe our bad experience, far not all of them are trustworthy. In today’s world of blackhat search engine optimization and grey ads there’s no way you can entirely trust a site you found on Google – even if it was the very first in your search results. We’ve got quite a few stories from our friends and the visitors of our site who went searching for a casino online, found one, blew all their bet money on it – only to read the reviews later and find out that the venue was a scam. Now we bet you don’t want to be in their shoes.

Besides, what sucks about search engines is the fact that they tend to show you country-relevant results. For instance, if you’re currently in Mexico, you will mostly see Mexican casinos in Google and… Well, playing in one of them might not be the smartest idea ever, to say the least. In one of our previous posts we wrote that you should better stick with European or Caribbean casinos or those licensed by Gibraltar, the UK or a few other countries. Would you get those in your geographically relevant search results? No, we guess. That’s why, once again, relying on sites providing reliable casino directories might be a fairly good idea.

Anyway, even with all their disadvantages, major search engines help us find the biggest online casinos pretty easily. But what about smaller gambling sites that are 100% safe and reliable and where the odds are a tad bit more likely to turn in your favor thanks to generous comps, loyalty bonuses and more honest gambling algorithms? Trust our word, you will hardly be able to find those unless you’re connected to the insiders. Here on our site you will get to lay your hands on exactly this type of information – reliable, gathered and repeatedly checked by thousands of players. Believe it or not, sometimes the biggest money is won in fairly small casinos and you should know all about these if you take your gambling seriously.

Okay, so small and not really famous casinos with serious jackpots really do exist. But even more important is the fact that some small casinos are way safer than big and popular ones. Bet you will be surprised when you see some of the big names in our black and gray lists. And when you see them there, remember this nagging little article and how easily you could have ended up playing in one of them if you simply went googling for an online casino. Hearing some feedback from experienced people always is a good idea – especially when there’s some serious money on stake.

Know everything about the casino before you decide to play in it

This is actually the main reason why our site is out there on the World Wide Web. It’s not just an online casino directory with some obscure ratings that are supposed to help you understand why some sites are worth trying and some should better be avoided. We do our best to complete each entry on our yellow pages with at least a brief chunk of information about the casino.

The very first thing that we are paying attention to when making our lists is the safety of a casino. Have there been reported cases of fraud? Has it been online for long enough to be claimed completely reliable? We take all the data we can find into consideration. Our own personal gambling experience, various articles and reviews people post on the Internet… Heck, we will even go through gambling forums to help you understand whether this or that casino is trustworthy or not! Every little piece of information we can collect counts, provided it comes from a reliable source, of course.

Besides, isn’t it nice to be sure that the Internet casino you’re heading off to has got all your favorite games in advance? Even though it doesn’t sound like a big deal, believe us, spending hours surfing the Internet in search of a gambling site that has that certain type of slots that you prefer or offers table games you are used to can be very frustrating. With our listing, however, it’s all as easy as ABC – you just click a couple of buttons and…  Bingo! You know exactly where to go to play exactly the games you like. No hassle and no time wasted on things you certainly wouldn’t enjoy.

Already got some useful data there, huh? Well, we know how to make it even more valuable and we will certainly do it! Every player loves comps and bonuses and we are by no means an exception. It’s always awesome to be greeted with a few extra chips when you get registered in an online casino and it’s even better when you keep getting more and more free goodies with each wager… No surprise we decided to include this information into our directory too! We know it’s not available for every casino yet but, please, be patient, we’re working on it – some day in the nearest future you will know exactly where to go in order to get the most bang for your buck when gambling. We don’t encourage comp hustling in any way though but you know what? If the casinos are okay with giving it, why shouldn’t we, players, be okay with taking it?

Another very important thing that we work on incorporating into our site is the feedback we’re getting from other gamblers. Very soon you will see customers’ reviews and ratings next to each casino entry on the list. Of course, we trust our own choice and actually rely on our own lists when deciding where to go play tonight but… Other people’s points of view are also very important. Nobody is perfect but together we can build up one hell of a knowledge base, for sure. Once this feature is up and out on the site, don’t hesitate to let us know what you think about this or that casino too – any feedback will be hugely appreciated.

Stay up to date with all the trends and changes in the fast-paced world of online gambling

Everything in this amazing world of ours changes with the speed of light from day to day and online casinos are definitely not an exception. The best on the market can suddenly go bad as well as the black- and graylisted sites can improve their services and the trustworthiness of their gambling algorithms. That’s why it’s important to not just pop in here when you go choosing a casino to play in – you’re strongly advised to check back often to take a brief look through the list to see, which casinos are trending and make sure the one you’re playing in is doing fine. Yes, that’s right – not only did we take the time to build this awesome list but we also update it regularly to keep you aware of all the changes that really matter. Just like with the reviews mentioned above, your opinion is highly valued here, so if you disagree with some of our ratings or think that they are no longer relevant, don’t wait to drop us a mail and we will double-check our information and update the status quo.

Besides, there are always new casinos popping up on this lively market of online gambling. It’s very easy to overlook them amidst the hustle and bustle – and very easy to regret it later. See, new casinos are often the most honest and, which is even more pleasant, the most generous. They are the ones that plunge into the fight for the customer with more fervor than anyone. What does it mean for us, players? Exactly what you think – lots of bonuses and better odds! We’re not trying to say that they tweak the algorithms or something to make players win more than the house in the first days or months of operation but… The fact that there are more stories of good winnings coming from new online venues is impossible to deny. With our directory at your disposal, you will always be the first to know about the grand openings of new casinos – and will have all the data necessary for you to decide whether this or that newbie is worth trying or not straight from the start.

We’re often contacted by online casino owners asking us to inform our readers about special offers and various interesting events taking place in their venues, so… If you want to stay up to date with this kind of information as well, don’t waste no more time – bookmark our directory right away! Any special bonuses, exceptionally large jackpots, new games added to the casinos… We’re doing our best to update our site with all this data too.

Our directory is very convenient and easy to use

Okay, so if we came boasting our backsides off anyway, let’s add a few rather obvious points to everything we have already mentioned above. We are proud to hear our readers saying how convenient and easy to use our site actually is. Indeed, we decided to keep everything as simple as possible here – no fancy pics, flashy design or anything like that. It is the information, not the look that matters and here at our site you get access to all the information you need in just a blink of an eye.

For instance, you are no longer willing to play in the casino of your choice and are looking for a replacement. Here you go – just scroll through the list and choose a venue where they play the same games and offer a decent level of fairness and safety. You want to try a few casinos and then settle for one that you like the most before you actually get to betting real money? It’s as easy as it gets – just find the casinos with free no-deposit registration bonuses in our listing and try them out. There are a zillion reasons why you might need our site and we gladly help you take care of all your gambling-related needs as quickly and stress-free as it’s only possible.

So, hope we managed to convince you to take a closer look at our listing of online casinos. No more time to waste talking about it then – go ahead and start surfing! We put all this valuable information we have collected over the past few years we’ve spent gambling online out here for you to use absolutely for free. We’re not really asking for anything in return but… If you want to act like the good guy you are, don’t hesitate to spread the word about our site or at least participate in our ratings and leave your feedback about the casinos in (or not yet in) our list whenever you have got something to say. But, please, always make sure you think everything through before you post – comments from people who don’t back their reviews up with sufficient proof will be disregarded.


That’s it, we guess. No more reading – it’s high time you finally switched on to gambling and winning some real money! Good luck with that! 


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