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    Are you a keen poker player ready to add some online gambling experience to your regular live plays? Are you simply a bored individual looking to kill some time on the Internet and considering a game of hold’em?
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Are you a keen poker player ready to add some online gambling experience to your regular live plays? Are you simply a bored individual looking to kill some time on the Internet and considering a game of hold’em? Whoever you are, this article is for you. Today we are talking about online poker – its advantages and downsides, its peculiarities that make it so different from live poker, its moneymaking potential… Besides, we will take some time to bust a surprisingly widespread urban myth stating that online poker is rigged.

Hope you will enjoy this read. Please, note that this article doesn’t go too deep into the strategies one could use when playing poker online and neither does it dispense advice for poker players. It’s just a quick overview but more detailed articles are soon to come too. This page is where you start your exciting journey through the thrilling world of online gambling, so… Buckle up and let’s go!

Perks of playing online as opposed to live poker

We will assume that you have played poker – live or online – a few times before and will skip the boring part about the history of poker and its rules. Instead, we will jump straight to its advantages, the things that make it such an attractive alternative to playing live.

First of all, what makes online poker so awesome is the fact that you can play it anywhere! From home, from your tablet PC or smartphone on the bus or tube, from your goddamn bathtub or even your working place when your boss isn’t watching… Internet poker is always waiting for you to sit down at the table and shuffle through them chips and good cards.

The second thing that most online poker players love so damn much about their favorite pastime is the fact that it requires much less investment than live gambling. See, you don’t have to spend money on plane tickets, hotel reservations and you don’t have to bring a truckload of cash into the casino just to match the bets from other players at the table. There is such thing as micro-limit poker where you bet 25/50c or even less, which can be a good starting point for your poker education. Alternatively, if you feel you are ready for more serious bets, you can easily find where to play big too. That’s the beauty of online poker – the big players have their tables and the newbies get to have some fun too without finding themselves tossing coins into the one-armed bandit.

Whether you are an experienced poker player or a rookie, the next thing on our list is something you will inevitably like. Playing online means that no one (or, at least, almost no one can read you). There’s no need to keep a poker face on when you’ve got a good hand – you can jump around and woohoo as much as you want to – as long as you don’t express your emotions in the text chat window, of course. Even the sharks who can read even the most intricate body language will have no clue – everyone at the online poker table is even.

Often feel like your live poker games are taking forever? When playing online, you’ve got an awesome alternative as nobody forbids you from playing as many tables at once as you wish. Besides, if you play smart, it can give you one hell of an advantage over others – just imagine how many times you can fold safely before you finally get the cards you need. When you’re playing one table only, there’s always that temptation to start betting when you grow bored – even if your hand leaves much to be desired.

And another very important thing that we feel we just have to mention – when playing online, A LOT of players resort to the use of data mining software. This software gives you exactly the advantage you have always been dreaming about when playing live. Just imagine it for a second – all of a sudden you can analyze the way each of your opponents plays and, more importantly, store this data in your head, using it to understand the patterns they use when betting, when reacting to good or bad hands… Using this knowledge you can basically deduce, which cards the other players have got and whether or not you can beat them with your hand. Sounds like something from fiction books, I know – but it does exist! Unfortunately, online casinos know about data mining software too and expressly forbid it in their terms of use but… The funny part is that they can never tell whether you’re using it or not because it runs on your PC and doesn’t interact with the casino’s software client or the browser version of their site. Thus, it’s always up to you to decide whether to use data mining software or not but, given the fact that the majority of big players use it… Why the hell would you want to give them an unfair advantage over you, right?

Downsides of playing online

Surprisingly, all of the things that we have listed above can also be regarded as disadvantages of online poker as opposed to live gambling. Judge yourself – with lower bids come lower winnings, the pace, which online poker is played at, is often way too fast for meditative players, the fact that no one can read you also means that you can hardly read any of your opponents too… And that data mining software again – when your opponents are following your every move and recording it for analytical purposes, winning becomes challenging – unless you’re using that software yourself, of course. Nevertheless, we wouldn’t say it really spoils your whole gambling experience – rookies still have lots of fun (and get quite a few “bad beats” thanks to beginners’ luck) and pro players still win a lot if they play smart.

Another important thing that you should be aware of is that fact that most online casinos are fairly strict when it comes to age restrictions and all the documents you need to provide in order to collect your winnings. It’s funny how you’re never asked for any IDs or anything when you’re getting yourself registered at an Internet casino, hardly ever need to present it when you’re adding funds to your account – but then, when you’re ready to cash out, you suddenly have to send them a scanned image of your ID to prove that you have reached the legal age! Besides, in most of the cases you will need to send them a copy of your utility bill or something else that verifies your address and billing information. This is the point where all of the underage players and those who filled out their accounts inaccurately get stripped of their hard-earned money. Well, they do it in brick-and-mortar venues, some would say, but it is online where it does most damage, really. Naturally, the only piece of advice we can give you here is very simple: don’t play poker online if you’re underage and never state any inaccurate or fake information on your profile.

And the last though definitely not the least – what sucks about Internet poker is the fact that it’s not that easy to find a reliable online gambling room where you can play it without the fear of being cheated. Fortunately, there is a solution to that problem as well – thanks to our directory, you can find all the safest online casinos that you want and stay away from grey ones. Don’t hesitate to spend some time leafing through our site – we did our best to collect all the information about good casinos in one place here and many players agree that it’s quite valuable. Don’t risk your money by trying different casinos you just run into online while you can get a very long list of reliable ones in literally a couple of clicks here – without spending even a single cent.

Is online poker safe?

Yes, it is – as simple as that. All the urban myths about online poker algorithms being rigged in order to give casinos (or in-house players) an unfair advantage over the others are nonsense. You will probably be surprised to hear that but there are not too many different poker software providers working for casinos – and all of them have exactly the same level of fairness: 100%. They use random number generation mechanisms in their programs, which makes playing poker online exactly as safe as playing it in a big brick-and-mortar casino or at your most honest friend’s house.

Frankly, a brief look at the claims of angry customers saying that this or that online poker room’s game is rigged will be enough for you to understand they have barely got anything in common with reality. One of the most widespread things the people mention in their comments is that famous ‘cash-out curse’ when players claim they start losing immediately after cashing out a part or all of their winnings. They say it’s the way the casino ‘punishes’ them for taking money out of it so they don’t do it anymore. Come on! If an online casino was cheating you, why would it let you cash out in the first place? Why would it even allow you to win enough money to cash a part of it out!

Well, cheating online casinos do exist and it’s impossible to deny it – but you can at least be sure there aren’t any among the famous brands. And when it comes to smaller ones, our directory is exactly what’s going to help you pick up your perfect 100% safe online gambling venue. We’ve got all the good casinos in our white list and all the bad ones in our black and gray lists, so… You’re 100% safe, don’t you worry about it!


All in all, as you can see, there are both good and bad sides of playing poker online. However, judging by years and years of our own online gambling experience, we can say that it’s not any less enjoyable/profitable than playing in a casino – as long as you are playing right, of course. Always stick with the most honest Internet-based gambling venues, never break their basic rules and keep an eye on the tips and tricks we will be posting on this site regularly. It’s a site made by real poker addicts and intended for real poker lovers, so… If you are one of them or feel you could turn into one in future, keep an eye on our little notes – bet you will find them useful at some point. Cheers and good luck!


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