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    Watching sports live or even on the TV is always fun but, believe us, it just can’t compare to watching the games when you bet on them. That’s when you really start rooting for your team and celebrating every point they score as if it were you who scored it.


Watching sports live or even on the TV is always fun but, believe us, it just can’t compare to watching the games when you bet on them. That’s when you really start rooting for your team and celebrating every point they score as if it were you who scored it.

And there’s actually more to it than just the thrill. Betting can actually make you some decent money – some people even quit their careers and switch to earning on bets. And you don’t even have to be a sports expert or have access to insider information about fixed matches in order to win – in most of the cases all you need is some basic common sense.

In this article we will provide a quick overview of online betting industry in general. We will tell you about different kinds of bets and different things to bet on. Besides, we will say a few words about Web’s biggest gambling/bookmaking venues and give you a couple of hints on how to tell a reliable one from a cheater. Hope you will find this information valuable and use it to increase your betting profits.

Is betting on sports online legal?

When talking about betting on sports, we, gamblers, understand the value of the World Wide Web even better. With betting being forbidden in most states across the US and in many other countries of the world, the opportunity to bet online can’t be underestimated, for sure.

See, even if betting on sports is considered to be illegal in your country, no one can ban you from trying it when you are abroad, right? For instance, you are an American citizen traveling to Macau with its blossoming and perfectly legal gambling and betting industry. You go to a casino while you’re there and win some dough on bets. Do you really think that you could be facing charges when you come back home? Hell no, that’s just impossible. With online betting and gambling it’s exactly the same – you just need to make sure that you’re playing in a casino or a bookie site registered in a country where such activities are legal and that’s it.

Of course, there are also some exceptions from this rule as countries where people are not allowed to bet or gamble ANYWHERE in the world still do exist. Some examples would include Bangladesh, Lebanon, Brunei Darussalam and Qatar. The authorities in these countries actually have the right to block their citizens’ access to online casinos and betting houses, so you’re not simply forbidden to play there – you will hardly be able to.

Anyway, unless you live in some extremely strict Muslim country, you don’t risk that much while betting online. The bettors themselves are rarely, if ever, prosecuted with the only aim of the authorities being to hunt the bookies down and punish them. Thus, if you’re considering betting in, not owning a bookmaking venue, you’re perfectly safe.

Sports betting

The most popular type of betting, without a doubt. There are dozens or even hundreds of matches in all kinds of sports played every day, which is why there are hundreds of thousands of betters putting their money on stake and millions of dollars in wins and losses. With the development of online broadcasting, betting on sports has turned into a global hobby – you can bet on any team or individual athlete, in any country of the world and almost any sport you can think of.

The popularity of sports that you can bet on varies largely depending on the country. For instance, people in the US will gladly bet on football and basketball with a few occasional bets on baseball during the dead season between the last game of NBA Finals and the beginning of the football season. Quite a few people bet on boxing and hockey too. Globally, the most popular sport to bet on is soccer. If you’re not really into any of these, you can also try wagering on Formula 1 races, horse races, tennis, golf or cricket.

Of course, the list doesn’t stop there. There are also some fairly exotic sports that you can bet on, including bandy in Russia, badminton in several Asian countries, darts in the UK as well as pool, bowls and Gaelic sports.

Types of sports bets

There are various different kinds of bets for sport lovers to try, so let’s go through the most widespread of them to help you understand how to bet your money and what winnings to expect from them if you guessed the outcome of the game correctly.

The simplest of all is the ‘single bet’ where you make only one selection and win the bet if that selection proves to be successful. You can bet on anything here – your favorite team beating its opponent, your favorite team beating its opponent by more than X points, your favorite player scoring Y goals or even getting a penalty. The less likely your selection is to happen, the bigger will your winning be in case it proves to be successful.

Betting on unlikely events promises you higher winnings but, in reality, it’s just an easier way to blow your money away. The bets where you get to win pretty big without that much risk are the so-called ‘Accumulators’. In order to understand what they are all about, let’s look at the following example. For instance, you’re betting on a soccer match where your favorite team, which is currently topping the league table, is playing against the outsider. You are sure your team is going to win this one, so you bet on its victory and also bet that it will score more than 2 goals because why the hell not? This is called a ‘Double’. If you also feel that your favorite player will score cause he did in the last 10 matches, you add it to your bet, making it a ‘Treble’. The day of the match comes and, as you expected, your team wins with the score of 3-0 and your favorite player scores one of the three goals. Bingo! You get your nice wad of cash (or some virtual money if you’re playing online) and go buy yourself that set of golf clubs you have always wanted. However, if your team won the game with the same score but the player you bet on didn’t get to score, you would lose your bet.

Accumulator bets are often referred to as ‘parlay bets’ and can include betting on the results of different sport events. For instance, you can make a treble parlay bet betting on a soccer match, a Formula 1 race and a game of tennis. There are also progressive parlay bets where you can still get some money even if only a few of your selections were successful – but you should be ready to see significantly lower winnings in those as compared to ordinary parlays.

Non-sport betting

Needless to say, online betting is not something intended solely for sports fans. There are countless different things you can bet on and countless Internet casinos that offer you this kind of gambling. They call it ‘novelty betting’, a term coined by one renowned Irish online casino, which is claimed to be the mother of all the weirdest things you can wager on. Currently, various online casinos offer you to bet on such things as whether there would be Beckham baby #5, who would win next year’s Oscars and Grammys and even who would be voted off X Factor next. See, housewives and couch potatoes can also be as much into betting as sport addicts are!

Political betting is currently one of the most prominent types of non-sport betting. You can try and guess the next political leaders from presidents to city mayors, the structure of country parliaments and so on. Quite a few people bet on notable geopolitical events too – like, who’s going to be the next to abandon Euro or would Scotland finally be independent from the UK or not.  All these are fairly exciting but, unlike sports betting, where you can gamble literally every day, political betting forces you to gamble considerably rarer. After all, we don’t choose our president or vote for independence every other day.

There’s one type of novelty betting that’s probably even more dynamic than betting on sports, however. We’re talking about financial betting where you wager on whether a specific financial instrument would go up or down as compared to its current level. The point is that here you can bet every day, every hour and even every 5 minutes if you want to. However, professional traders tend to be skeptical about 5-minute betting as it’s nothing but a lottery, as they say. The fluctuations depend on whether the next big trade would be a buy or sell and you can hardly predict that. Hence, we recommend you to stick with longer term financial bets if you ever decide to give this type of betting a try.

Think that it’s more or less everything that a human being can possibly think of betting on? You wish! There’s at least one more relatively widespread type of online betting that we should mention here – and thousands of smaller types that would take ages to describe. So, that noteworthy one we’re talking about is lottery betting. Surprisingly, it doesn’t involve buying a ticket – all you do is go to an Internet-based bookie and try to guess, which numbers will be drawn during the next game of, say, Euromillions. And you don’t have to guess all 7, for instance – guessing just 1 will give you 8/1 odds or $8 per every $1 wagered, guessing 2 will give you 100/1 and so and so on. Unfortunately, you won’t be entitled to win the jackpot even you guess all 7 right but, believe us, you will still get a whole lot of money if you do.

So, this is it. Hope we did manage to give you some valuable information that you would use in your betting experiments. Oh, and one last piece of advice… There are various bookie directories and whitelists located both on our site and at various other resources – we really recommend you to have a look at those and pick your online casino/bookmaker based on them. This way you will be able to get the best odds for your bets and avoid getting cheated by some fraudsters that, unfortunately, work in betting business sometimes as well. Additionally, we will soon release a bunch of articles on betting strategies, which each and every person should know about before wagering on this or that event. Keep an eye on our site as we’re here to help you make some money and we’re here to do it without asking for anything in return. Bet you will like it!


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